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Marhaba understands that nothing can replace a caring heart and compassion. We have designed all the services keeping this at the focal point. Be it prenatal, newborn, elderly, patient or post-natal care, we perform the service in a committed manner. Our client’s satisfaction is our only aim.


Meticulous Care Services Explained


We would analyse the individual requiring our service. In case required, the person would be subjected to a detailed medical examination to confirm the medical condition. For newborn babies, pregnant women and elderly care, our team would study the existing medical reports to ascertain the health scenario and decide regarding additional care. A carefully defined care and treatment process would be pursued throughout, to initiate additional medical support if required.


Our nurses specialised in the specific field would assess the condition of the client constantly. Even a minor variation in the vitals would be taken into consideration and notified to the medical specialised. With vigilant and caring support for the patient, that ensues persistent evaluation of the vitals, Marhaba’s team would help in a speedy recovery, as well as, life back to normalcy. The pregnant women, babies and elders will have our team monitoring them to have a healthy life. 


Ascertainment of vitals to affirm that the person is healthy and all the organs are functioning properly. Quick action in case urgent medical care is required.


Reassurance to the person, about the health, boosting the confidence and morale. It would enhance mental strength and keep the individual calm.


Our team is trained to support the person to overcome his or her fears, through proper guidance and advice. They would offer excellent home care.


The nursing staff would report the medical, mental and physical conditions to the assigned doctor and act as per the directives of the specialist.


A methodical treatment process defined by the medical team would be followed by our nursing team. The team would constantly monitor the vitals of patients, elderly people, and newborns who might require extra care and medication. We would assign the right medical team, based on the analysis report on the client. A pragmatic approach is what defines Marhaba’s care services. Our unwavering performance to date is accomplished through an optimistic attitude and matchless aptitude.


Compassion is the identity of each member of our medical team. They embrace the client’s problems as their own and offer the best cure.


The medicines prescribed by the specialist doctors would be administered at the scheduled intervals, without any fail. Expediting the recovery and ensuring the well-being of the patients.


Vitals of the patient would be checked at the specified intervals and the variations would be informed to the medical specialists for necessary action.


Our team would keep the individuals motivated to regain health quickly. For the elderly, the company of our caring staff would instil positivity in them.


We would maintain communication with the clients on a periodic basis. Obtaining the info regarding the conditions, we would be able to suggest and guide accordingly. Having an honest and committed team of nursing staff and supporting members, we are able to keep our relations with clients warm and strong. We have been receiving new clients through word-of-the-mouth publicity that we could acquire through dedicated care services to date. 


Our team would get in touch with the client or the person responsible for the latest updates and help them with expert advice as possible.


Committed to the well-being of our esteemed clientele, we have a 24x7 support team for the clients to reach out in case of need.


Periodic discussion and telephone communication on the present conditions of the client, to confirm whether he or she requires any additional assistance from our end.


We have a feedback report system, which ensures that all the clients are served properly. This enables us to prevent any kind of shortcomings.


Directly from Our Clients

Choosing Marhaba for my prenatal and postnatal care has been one of the best decisions I have taken. Their attention and services gave me plenty of assurance and a sense of security, things that any young mother would want. Thank you, Marhaba for looking after me and my baby with so much care and concern!

We wanted to give only the best for our mother in her old age. After a lot of deliberation and search, we found Marhaba Care. I have to say, what a gem of a find! Our mother is happier than ever and is well looked after by the certified nurses at Marhaba. We thank you for your attentive service!

Friendly staff, clean and neat facilities and exceptionally well-trained nurses. I am beyond satisfied with the service of Marhaba Care in taking care of my aged father. Would definitely recommend Marhaba for everyone looking for safe and nursing homes for their aged parents.

Ever since my wife got pregnant, we have been in search of a good pregnancy care home for taking care of her and the baby's needs. Our friend recommended Marhaba to us based on her own experience during her pregnancy. We are grateful to the entire team at Marhaba for providing the best prenatal and pregnancy care for my wife, every step of the way. Thank you, team Marhaba!

Being alone in a foreign country while you are carrying your child was a very scary situation for me. Fortunately, I connected with Marhaba Care, who became my source of support and care throughout my pregnancy. The nurses and staff tended to all my needs and provided much needed prenatal and postnatal care. Thank you, Marhaba for making my pregnancy as hassle-free as possible!

Amazing facilities and super friendly staff. We are so happy with the care and attention Marhaba provided to our mother. Highly satisfied with the certified nurses and their services.

Caroline Fredrick


Khalfan Mohammed Baluchi

Al Aweer

Aabira Rizwana

Jebel Ali

Abdulla Al Farooqi


Elna Luan

Bur Dubai

Yemilia Rodrigo


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